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~♥~Kaze no sasayaki...~♥~

†Shizukani...Kiite, kudasai...†

5 December
Japanese Translations:

" Mizuumi " - "Lake"
" ~♥~Yoru kuraku natta ra~♥~ " - "When the shadows fall at night"
" ~♥~Kaze no sasayaki...~♥~ " - "Whisper of the wind"
" †Shizukani...Kiite, kudasai...† " - "Just shut up... and listen, please..."

I adopted a cute lil' cow fetus
from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!

♥ CrawfordxSchuldig is Love ♥

About Mizuumi:

First of all, I'm a little psycho. Part of my interests are about diseases depending myself, for example the eating disorders I suffered or still do.
Second, yezzz... the 'lil cow-fetus! *in love* <333 So I am one xD
Err- what else? I'm a nerd, selfish, constantly bored, cynical and into horror-movies.
=> Freak.
I'm not gothic, but actually... I like it a bit. u_u emm-- And I like black Kayal. And black skirts. Also darkblue lipstick- just never tried *LOL*
Errrr---- AND----- all these ones on men, except for the skirt please. xD
By the way, I am really insane. Everyone who's thinking about adding me should mind I am not always such an amusing thing to play with.
... Yeah, that's all for now.

I don't really get what's so great about them, even if I'm on a "Pro-Ana" board for almost a year now. Pro-Ana means Pro Anorexia, people who're not willing to recover and cure their disease. That's just a small, very small group of them. "Anorexia is a lifestyle, not a disease" is certainly true to most of them: Some Anas are at the beginning on a normal weight and drop their weight to an anorexic, really dangerous one, still under control and just thinking about their odd kind of lifestile.
(I just heard about a few americans, don't know what it's about in Europe or Canada or wherever)
I want to distance myself from these ones.
Everyone should form his own judgement about it. ^_^